Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yeah! The beans are climbing out of the garden chaos.
Now for the race to the top!

And we have had a Petunia (snake) sighting in the garden. I just hope she doesn't venture to the pond where the little frogs are sometimes venturing out of the water.

Monday, July 05, 2010

In the Garden

The new residents have been in the garden with me. It didn't take old Missouri long to find the catnip in the garden. He is around 17 years and doesn't seem to see well. Try to keep him in sight, though, and he is gone in a flash! He seems to remember how to find the garage door, at least.

The beans are starting to reach the bean climber. Really, this is the last year for the now wobbly bean climber!

Cindy (Cinders or Cinderella) is all about meat though! I think she is checking out a critter trail. I hope she doesn't go after the Petunias (snakes).

I'm trying to fit a little garden clean up in each night. While I've been occupied, it became quite the jungle. But that also makes for happy garden critters.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Garden Dolly

One of the things I brought back from Kansas is this lightweight, but sturdy, dolly/hand truck. Pretty sure my dad had made it about 40 years ago (but not for a garden). As you can see, it is just the thing for moving the window cloches I like. They are heavy and awkward to carry but now I'm set!

It was time to move the cloches from the tomatoes and thin out the borage. All four tomatoes had grown up through the top of their cloches while I was gone.

This row was intended to hold some vegetables this year, but the herbs and flowers have filled it up. Much better than a row of weeds and grass at least. The catnip is huge already this year. I'm surprised since it has been so cool and rainy.