Monday, June 28, 2010

Recent Adventures

I'm back in Washington after two plus weeks. And I've returned with possible new garden assistants! My Mom, her three pets and I just drove the 1,800+ miles from Kansas to Washington. Her household stuff for her apartment won't arrive until later this week.

I suggested some garden work until then, but she isn't convinced it is warm enough outside (I'm happy about that after enduring days of near 100 degrees while we packed & loaded stuff in KS).

A Rose of Sharon from KS. The mimosa trees were blooming too, but the wind didn't let me take a clear photo.

The cats settled in to travel very well (& I think they appreciated air conditioning). The dog likes car trips. The car developed had a few mechanical issues, but the Park City UT Ford shop took care of us.

DH planted my broccoli, lettuce, pumpkin and squash seedlings while I was gone. The beans, peas and tomatoes really grew also. I hope to get out there, and around to visit your garden blogs, sometime this week.