Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Updates, Updates

Things are moving along even if I'm not keeping up with them:
  • Many, many tadpoles in the pond
  • Tomato plants are in the garden, under window frame cloches
  • Peas are growing
  • Broccoli seedlings sprouted
  • Lettuce seedlings sprouted
  • Chard seedlings sprouted
  • Pumpkin & squash seeds planted
  • Really need to plant the beans, carrots and beets
  • Hedgerow plantings are growing, although hard to visualize it as a hedgerow
  • Kansas house is on the market

We've had a nice time with visiting family. There are more visits to and visits from family in the next two months. If the rain stops, I'm looking forward to a few breaks in the garden!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Kansas Garden Available

I'm back from another Kansas family excursion.

Anyone looking for a house just east of Wichita on an acre of fine Kansas soil?