Friday, February 26, 2010

SAGBUTT Saturday- Tomorrow!

Wow - I've been out of touch. I just realized there is a Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United to Talk (and Eat) event tomorrow at 11 am !

See Karen's SAGBUTT post for the details.

And see the SAGBUTT Group link for my prior posts about our adventures.

Yeah! Welcome to the 2010 garden season!


Karen said...

I sent a notice on the listserv but maybe you don't get those anymore? I have been lame about posting stuff about it, am going to try to be better and always have that sidebar dealy updated. Hope to see you tomorrow for whatever portion you can make - you are a charter member, after all, it wouldn't be the same without you!!!

Matron said...

Sorry I'll miss that one! Will be on the other side of the planet!