Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seed & Seedling Plans

It's time to order seeds and seedlings and I don't have my list finalized, as usual. I'm going to have some busy weeks coming up and if I don't get it done now, it won't happen.

In addition to Petunia's Garden vegetables, we are continuing to plant assorted tree and shrub seedlings on a hillside and have plans for a hedgerow effect in a few other places.

For seedlings, there are some nice opportunities coming up:

King County Conservation District has an annual Native Bareroot Plant sale. Pre-orders must be placed by Jan. 31 for pickup on March 5 & 6. Any plants not sold through the pre-orders will be for sale on March 5 & 6 also. See the website: for plants and more information.

Weyerhaeuser public seedling sale is Feb. 15 and March 20. See this link for more information: Western WA Public Sales Event .
Below, is one of the Tall Oregon Grapes from our first King County bareroot sale.

I'll be posting my 2010 vegetable planning list this week... really!


Gardeness said...

You always have the in of upcoming sales! I don't know about seedlings, but seeds I'm totally wanting. Do you have any favorite suppliers?

Petunia's Gardener said...

Gardeness - Most of my seeds come from Territorial Seed Company. They are in OR and try to provide for our interesting climate. Then, I'm always interested in other sources I come across along the way. Nice to see you out in blogland again and hopefully at a SAGBUTT event... Paula

Matron said...

Have you planted the trees that were in your refrigerator at Christmas?

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Great links..... thanks!

Karen said...

D'oh! Deadline on the KC thing is extended to Feb. 16, but if it's mail-in only I'm out of luck. Oh well, they were sold out on the two things I wanted most (Indian plum and evergreen huckleberry) anyway. Still, I might call and see if anyone's there tomorrow. I just heard about this sale from someone else, should have read your post earlier and then I would have known about the deadline!!