Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bloom Day August

It's the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day gathering over at May Dreams Gardens. I'm bringing some flowers (& a few friends) I haven't posted yet this summer. Above, fragrant nicotiana with calandula and blue borage in the background. Nicotiana came home with me from the July SAGBUTT gathering!

Above, this fee found the blooming basil in the greenhouse. The door is always open right now, but he had the place to himself. I've been deadheading the basil like crazy until the August heat hit and I let it go. The aroma in the greenhouse is fantastic after pinching back the basil.

Above, I've never seen bees with pollen baskets as full as they are once the broccoli starts blooming. See that yellow bump on the bee's leg? That's the pollen basket. I leave a few broccoli plants in the garden to bloom because the bees seem to like it so much.

This is blooming oregano, above. It is covered with this type of bee/critter. Do you know what it is?

I have my first feverfew plant this year. It is a very happy plant. I just read, though, that bees hate the smell of it! And they will stay away from other plants near it. I'll have to go check the surrounds plants to see how far that ban goes.

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Jean Bradbury said...

I seem to have more bees in my garden this year. Sooo many! I love the picture of the bee sleeping on the echinacea. Do they really take naps? Wonderful!