Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blackberry Days

The blackberries are on full force now. I should try jam or something else, but I like to make blackberry sauce to serve with ice cream or angel food cake, etc. I've sometimes made blackberry cobblers, too. I did see a blackberry barbecue sauce recipe I'd like to try.

As shown in the photos from this 2007 post, I love using an old ricer/fruit press to separate the seeds from the fruit (after blending in my old blender). The seeds stick nicely to the wooden roller.

I'm not a huge blackberry fan. This year the flavor seems better than some years. The thorns are awful! But, I love fresh food and being able to do something with the fruit growing locally (in this case, in my yard). Takes the edge off of the work to keep the blackberries from taking over the whole property, too.

What do you do with blackberries?


Sheryl said...

I've been getting scratched by their thorns, whacking them down, and eating the berries raw while trying to decide whether to continue picking them and finding a way to preserve them or to continue chopping them all down without saving the berries.

whack chop whack

chook said...

those thorns are awful, they grab you and won't let go, the more you struggle the harder it becomes.

i agree, they do taste better this year. i have been making clafouti, a recipe i found on posey gets cosey. delish, and a great way to use up those eggs.

The Persimmon Perch said...

Our blackberry season has come and gone; but they were really good this year. We took a group of 3 year olds picking and they had a blast. Then we made cobler with ice cream and they talked about it for weeks. Great fun.