Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Think Snowmen

"We are blessed with memories so we may have jolly snowmen dancing in August and sweet roses with winter snow."

And when it is really hot, revisit those December (18 degrees) & January & March snow photos!

Surely, these hot temps will put an end to some of the slugs.

Be safe!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Hasn't this been one strange year of weather? That snow looks so cold, I love it. I'm tired of this heat!

Sheryl said...

Surely, these hot temps will put an end to some of the slugs.
That's a pleasantly optimistic way to look at this oppressive heat! :-)

Bonnie Story said...

The snow adorning the birdbath looks like an enormous perfectly frosted angel food cake!!! Great shot.

Renee said...

Your post cracks me up! Whew! It sure has been hot. Even with 2 AC units running, we can't seem to cool the house down below 80.

Matron said...

I should be careful what I wish for.. but we are having a dreadful dull Summer. Perhaps the weather front will move Eastwards over the Atlantic and give you a break.

Karen said...

Ha ha, I only wish that looking at snow could make heat evaporate! I always think it's easier to get warm when you're cold than to cool off when you're warm, but maybe that's just summer thinking here. I didn't like the extremes of either winter or summer this year. What gives?!