Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunny SAGBUTT Sunday

In the peaceful garden of Daniel and Michael. Sadie takes a break while showing the visitors around. What a perfect Sunday afternoon visiting the farm with others SAGBUTTees (Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United to Talk ... eating and exchanging seems to go along with these gatherings also). Or as Jean put it, Bloggers in Paradise! Check out the photos she posted. (More posts are now up. See Liisa and Karen.)

Hops - Michael, how did you describe the color/sheen? I'm glad you pointed out this loveliness. I wasn't sure if my first year hops were happy or if the leaves where trying to tell me something. I came home and checked. Sure enough, I found the same magical sheen.

Leave it to the critters to know the best spot to watch the garden grow. Maybe it was the warm day, but the wood's edge and its pathways were especially appealing.

Eggplant, in the greenhouse. Probably the first time I've seen it growing. It's a beautiful plant! I'm sure the harvest will be tasty, also. I'll have to try growing it.

David shares his rhubarb juice with Daniel (look out, Petunia's jumbo rhubarb plant...). With Michael, Liisa, Molly and Karen (not in photo), pondering the first bite from the delicious food treats. And gardeners always have something to share so most went home with produce from the host garden or plants that came along with the visitors.

Thanks for hosting the group, Daniel & Michael! You have a beautiful and welcoming spot there!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It's beautiful there. So sad I had to miss another one. I think the next one is during another soccer tournament too :(
I've never seen such a big eggplant either, I tried growing it last year but it never got very big.

Karen said...

It's so fun to see everyone's take. Since I am so slow, I'll have to really search for an original angle. :) That was a really special day, and I'm glad your car decided to help you get there this time! Good to see you and thanks so much for more coffee bags!!!

Jean Bradbury said...

Paula I love the third photo down that shows the full sweep and size of the garden. So lovely. It was great to see you again.

Libby said...

How wonderful to have a like minded group of bloggers meeting. I am quite envious.
I love the boat and bridge pics too, I can't imagine living too far away from water.
The little frog is amazing!
Yes please, take our rain away we have had quite enough!!!!! especailly as its our summer :o(

Landcsape Girl said...

Wonderful meeting....

The Intercontinental Gardener said...

Lovely pictures from a wonderful day. Something to think about when it gets colder again - which for the moment seems never happen... Good gardening to you, despite the dry, hot weather!

Matron said...

Looks wonderful! Food, dogs, gardens and gardeners!