Saturday, July 25, 2009

Leading Beans

Some of the beans have climbed to the top of the bean structure (aka 10 feet tall). They still have some filling out to do. Lower on the structure, every vertical wire has 1 or more vines so many are still working their way up.

I like to check on them each day when they are growing so much. Some catch on quickly to the whole climbing thing. Others need a little guidance.

These are the first beans I've noticed on the climbers. The bush beans start a little sooner and we may be picking the first of them tomorrow. I planted all of the left over pole bean seeds I had. I can't really tell which is which until they grow a little more (other than the red flowering runner beans... and maybe the purple beans - this one is neither of those!).
Above, the structure is made from two movable fence sections left by prior owners - one is 7 feet x 4 feet wide and the other is 10 feet x 4 feet. We attached them together with hinges at the top of the 7 footer.

See this August 2006 photo to see a side view of structure.


Bonnie Story said...

Hi! My neighbor has a row of bush beans that is 120' long - yes - and Tuesday is our first harvest day - OMG I'm scared!! I love beans but my back does not. I think pole beans are wonderful! We grew "Scarlet Runners" in CA just for the hummingbird flowers and that was fun. We left the beans to dangle and get huge! Not great flavor with those but the flowers are incredible. We might do that again over our south-facing windows next year just to block out the hot sun and for a giggle too. I LOVE your bean structure, that is really cool and you can do your picking in a nice upright manner. Imagine me stooped over for hours and hours picking the little bush beans, I'll be blogging about that huge long row for sure. Have a lovely day!! Bonnie

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Those are tall! How will you pick them? I can see my daughter climbing up that trellis like a ladder :)

Petunia's Gardener said...

Beans - what can you do. Short and you have been, climbers and you cannot reach them! And how they like to hide until they get giant.

Catherine, I get out a ladder to reach the top of the structure. I have a new structure design in mind to make it easier to pick, but decided I could get one more year out of this one.

I originally grew the runner beans for the hummingbirds. I find I do like the taste of them if picked young. Then, I also like the Romano which have a different flavor than the usual green beans too.

Any favorite bean recipes?