Sunday, July 19, 2009

Excursion BLUE

Green is the common color theme in my photos. Here is a little blue from our excursion on Thursday evening. Friends took us out on their sailboat. What a fine evening it was, too.
Above, we started near Ballard, along the ship canal and went under the Fremont bridge. The waterways and connected lakes in Seattle include all sorts of working vessels along with recreational vessels. Through locks, the ocean can be reached. A family of ducks had priority to us in going under this bridge. We had to wait (well, we also thought we might get stuck if we didn't wait until it went up).
Above, Gas Works Park.

Downtown, from Lake Union.

Boat and lakeshore.

Above, houseboats need green too.

The floatplanes take off at one end of the lake.

Growing up without waterways running through the town, I'm fascinated with all of the different activities going on. We watched this barge go through, and then noticed the kayaker behind it (practicing her rough water skills, we guess). The large bridge is a major highway. The open bridge is over the canal leading to Lake Washington. On the water, though, our world is peaceful and relaxing!

I think this was my first time out on a sailboat. It was a fun evening with our friends and a beautiful summer evening in Seattle.


Bonnie Story said...

Wow, what glorious pictures!! Fresh air and sunshine galore!! I'm going to revisit your post when winter has me down. I have made a new friend out in my garden, an enormous garter snake that I have named Petunia II in honor of your great blog. Petunia II has a few handsome suitors, much smaller fellas that stop by, but she is truly the queen. She enjoys my ugly cardboard mulch, I'm so glad. It's a real treat to see her out sunning herself in all her striped glory.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

How lucky to get to go on the sailboat. We sure live in a beautiful place and it's fun to get to see things from the water side. I love the houseboats. I'd love to go inside some of them.

Karen said...

I am sooooooo jealous. I have no boat skills myself but I think having friends with a sailboat is something I need to cultivate. I did grow up here, in and around the water although not on watercraft, and it still takes my breath away when I go over and around bridges and see how lucky we are to have so much beauty surrounding us. Although I do curse the taller boats sometimes when the bridge goes up and I'm stuck in the traffic! :) Lovely pics, good to see you the other day and thanks for more coffee bags. I am finding them so useful!

Matron said...

Sailing is just so relaxing! Hope you enjoyed yourself out there in the blue! Last Friday I took a boat trip along the River Thames in London. I posted some tourist pics of my home town too!

Petunia's Gardener said...

It doesn't seem real how peaceful & relaxing it is out there on the water, even though it is in the middle of the city. We can take for granted the views of the water & mountains that we see when we are out and about daily... until we are away from it. I don't go boating much, but it was fun.

Bonnie - so glad you are enjoying Petunia II and company. I've seen so many this year I don't squeal as much every time. I love watching them. Matron-you have a fine hometown to tourist in, too! Your photos make me want to visit soon. - Paula