Monday, July 13, 2009

Crimson Flowered Broad Beans

It doesn't take long to realize vegetables aren't just good to eat; they are also quite lovely. These are the crimson flowered broad beans Matron (from the UK) brought to our SAGBUTT swap (in Seattle). Here the group at the swap, also. She says she doesn't do flowers, but now we know why she doesn't need to!
And this is the other lovely broad bean that sprouted from the crimson flowered bean seeds! I like these flowers a lot, too, but wasn't expecting variety.

I also didn't realize these beads aren't climbers. They have a robust stalk that looks like it will support itself. I planted them with my climbing beans, though, and have to keep them from seeing the broad beans as a climbing stalk.

Matron, thanks for the seeds, flowers and future produce! How tall will they grow?


Karen said...

I love seeing all these veggies popping up from the various exchanges. I agree, the veggies are lovely in their way, and big plus for colored flowers, or variegated as in the surprise second shot!

Matron said...

Broad beans can grow to about 4 or 5ft tall. They can support themselves but I usually put a string and stick enclosure round them for a bit more. White flowers are the usual colour, they interbreed very easily so if you want to continue to save seed, do so from red ones only. I still get a thrill from seeing things growing from seed I have swapped.

L.C. Bryan said...

Did you save any of the seeds from these plants? I would love to try them out this year!
If you could drop me a line at
p.s. If you don't mind not posting this seeing my e-mail is on it.