Monday, July 27, 2009

Cascara Berry Season

The Cascara tree berries are ripening and no sight or sound of the Cedar Waxwings yet. I watched another bird family educating the youngsters on these berries. They were very small birds, but not chickadees. I'll try to identify them when I see them again. Once the Waxwings arrive, the berries will disappear quickly.

Above, more to ripen. Looking back at prior year posts, they may be ripening a little early this year. It has been warm and dry.

Back around May 25th a flock of cedar waxwings showed up to check on the status of the annual Cascara berry crop. At that point, they were only tiny blossoms, below. The birds like to sit way up high in this nearby tree absorbing the evening sun. The bees and hummingbirds love these blossoms but it isn't want the waxwings are looking for. I hope they'll be back soon! They are beautiful and cheery birds. I love being in the garden when they are around. Here is a link with a better photo.


Bonnie Story said...

Waxwings are great!! I saw a pair mating in a treetop the other day so I'm wondering if they might be sneaking in a late clutch of eggs this year? There is a small group of them right around here, maybe 10in the flock, and I love their calls to each other as they flock here and there. Another thing I notice about them is that they share space on a branch very nicely, never arguing about perching packed in close together. They are feasting on the red huckleberries right now. They gulp down one berry after another. To me, the berries are not ripe yet but what do I know? Handsome birds with the peaked cap of feathers and black mask.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Bonnie - So that is where they are! You know, in years past I thought they ate the cascara before they seemed ripe. That is why I'm surprised about not yet seeing them. I don't see them enough to think they next around my garden. I wonder if this year has all the birds on a different schedule. Thanks for the report.

Matron said...

Am I right in thinking that Cascara berries are a cure for constipation?

Karen said...

Never heard of these berries before, and I don't think CW's come to my garden. Thanks for showing the beauties of both. Love that second photo with all the different colors of the berries in their varying stages of ripening. And that tree of birds, it hardly seems like it could be real! How nice that they share space so well, very civilized birds. :)