Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June Garden Photo

The garden on Tuesday night. Tomatoes & peppers are under the white cloche. Originally, we kept it closed, but for some time now we just leave both ends open. (see 2005 here!)

In this bed: broccoli (thanks-Karen!), Brussels sprouts (thanks-Molly!), lettuce and volunteer borage, calendula and dill. Once we slowed down the cabbage worm crop, the broccoli & BS plants are more content. The harvesting has started.

We've had to use the soaker hose during this dry spell. The wool mulch keeps stray water sprays off the plants and on the ground. While sheep straw has been my mulch of choice, I'm trying out the scrap wool we still had around (sheep moved away in 2006). It seems effective so far.

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Aerie-el said...

What an interesting idea to use the wool in the garden. Thanks for including the link for your post about the sheep straw--the sheep are so cute, and it's interesting that they kept knocking things off the bench!
Your crops look so healthy and beautiful!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

It looks so pretty. I think vegetable gardens are just as pretty as flower gardens. You have a really nice mix of both. It's been great growing weather, just need to keep watering :)

Karen said...

Wow, didn't know you had sheep at one point! A friend of mine does, she give the wool away though. I should tell her about the mulch thing, that's super cool! So glad the broccoli is working out for you. It just would never have been planted here, I don't seem to have the space, or the knack for getting them to grow here. Looking good!

Matron said...

I seem to steer away from brassicas, except broccoli - because of slugs! Do you suffer much with slugs in WA?

Ana-Maria said...

Nice garden!Congratulations!