Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fence Row Surprises

A previous neighbor had quite the plant collection, I understand, especially in the earlier years at the property. Two roses continue on quite happily in the fence line. This year, they are making a strong showing. Check out the extra prickly flower buds and stems.

Do you know what type they might be?
Do you think they will grow from cuttings?

This second rose is very bright and dainty in person. I love their little surprise touch in their setting.

Above, is the wild rose that grows on our hillside. I'm happy it has also set up home on the other side of the path now also.

It has cascading branches and makes a nice hillside bush. It has nice year around attributes - see two seasons here, and winter season here.

White campion that grows in the edge of the main garden (a former pasture). I first noticed it in 2006. I don't recall seeing it since then.


Cathy said...

I just finished putting down three yards of mulch in my little garden and wow, I'm aching.

From one avid gardener to another, love your garden photos. Beautiful.

Stop by my blog for an lovely "give-away".

xo Cathy

Anonymous said...

I won't swear to it but the 1st. Pale rose looks like my Old English "Wife of Bath"
Let me know if you find out. Luv Ya ,Mom

Anonymous said...

Mom B that is!
Love your blog and pictures.