Saturday, May 09, 2009

Garden Kindness

I don't know about at your garden, but my garden has May Day (May 1) Fairies that bring it treats! Home sprouted geraniums destined for the whiskey barrel on the way to the garden and a fragrant Honeymelon Sage with red flowers getting ready to open. I have the sweetest May Day Fairies anywhere!

And this is the grand building the Weed Whackin' Wenches located for our April SAGBUTT meeting. Just outside is the Good Shepard p-patch and Seattle Tilth demonstration garden. How perfect is that for a garden meeting! Thanks, WWW, hosting the meeting!

An thanks to Karen for sharing these fragrant shade lovers. Please tell me the name again! And our new attendee, TEL, shared colorful sedums with us! She's thinking about starting her garden blog. (They look a little water logged here. No worries, I just just watered them and the water was just soaking in.)
I love having treasures in my garden that came from others. It's like we're all out there together! Thank you for sharing!


Matron said...

Sharing is wonderful, isn't it? I am thinking of having a meet up for the English bloggers here after our wonderful time in the Northwest.

Karen said...

Hi Paula - It was fun to see you, I'm kind of sad that nobody wanted to organize something for next weekend. Oh well, prime gardening time, it's hard to give it up! Maybe we'll see each other again in June. You are most welcome for the plants, they are called sarcococca. I believe the variety is Sarcococca confusa, or Sweet box (aka Christmas box). Fragrant white flowers in winter, followed by (poisonous, sorry) black berries. Loves shade to part shade, turns yellow and icky in full sun unless it's super moist soil-wise. Hope they survive and don't give you any snails!!

Aerie-el said...

Happy Fairy Day and
Happy Mother's Day!
It is the best to be able to share our gardens. I'm so sad that every month has had something that conflicts with SAGBUTT on my calendar. Hope to meet you and the others soon.
Hope you're having fun in the sun today!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I wish we had May Day fairies here, maybe we need to start helping them next May.