Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally, some gardening

Memorial weekend garden photo. The nice weekend did give us a chance to catch up on some spring projects and gardening. Plus lots of nice time outside. The "covered wagon" cloche has been moved to a different bed this year. It has recovered from the December snow & ice. Tomatoes and sweet peppers are planted inside.

Planted assorted pole beans and one row of bush beans (more to plant later). Those are peas starting to climb the gate at the other end of this bed. In the past, the bean structure went across two beds with the pathway underneath. This year, it is all in one bed. Hopefully, I'll still be able to reach the top with a ladder. See what the bean structure looked like in summer 2007 here.
Remember composting in place last fall? Above is one of the beds now with the compost half dug in.

Above, another bed with the compost not yet dug in.
And here it is after digging, and planting carrots, beets and chard. Last year, Emily ran through the carrot bed and stirred it all up. The screen may give them a chance to sprout first.

NEXT: Refreshed pathways... I'm picking up a load of coffee bags tomorrow (finally)! We're taking the truck rather than the car so I should have some to share.


Connie said...

Things are looking good in your garden. You will love having a greenhouse!

Matron said...

That wire mesh looks ideal for the peas to climb up and get lots of sunlight from both sides. I see Emily in the background there plotting her next move!

lottie said...

Its great to see your greenhouse up and running - it will soon be filled with lots more green things I am sure.

Your garden is looking gorgeous as usual

M.Kate said...

What a beautiful all the greeneries here, will be back.

geos said...

nice work, nice blog

Karen said...

OK, I am officially jealous of all that space! Looks like you are really getting things going out there. Is the screen just an old window one? Clever! I have been using your wonderful coffee bags so much, after wondering for a while if I'd taken them for no reason. Lots of digging and rehab happening here and the bags keep the cats from setting up new litter boxes in those spaces. Thanks again!!

CareyCottage said...

I too love borage. Not to eat, but because it's so *happy*. The color is beautiful and it keeps the tummys of the bees full.

I've enjoyed viewing your garden photos, please take a look at mine, maybe I can inspire you as well.

I must pick up that curry plant! My *scratch and sniff* button isn't working today, but I'll take your word for it!