Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy Like Bees

With nice weekend weather, we've been busy bees, indeed. Really shouldn't try to catch up the whole spring in a weekend or two, though! Some fun, some progress and any reason to be outside is a good one. Above, the bees must be able to get what they want from the outside of the columbine also. Some went inside, others went for the outside crown.

The columbine shapes are amazing as they go from new blossoms to full flowers. I'll have to collect seeds from the plants with the rose colored flowers. There are only a few of them this year.

The flowers are actually more of a purple. The photos always have more of a blue color and I've never tried tweaking the settings to see if I can capture their real color.

More weekend projects to post about soon.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your columbines are really pretty. It has been absolutely gorgeous hasn't it?

Matron said...

So encouraging to see bees in your garden too. I've heard so much about colony collapse syndrome in the USA, we all have to do our best to encourage them. Even Matron is growing flowers!!!

Karen said...

Wow, that red one is amazing, I hope you are able to save the seeds so you can have more next year! I had a few volunteers this spring and it made me realize that I'd like to add more next time around.