Saturday, April 11, 2009

Under Construction (almost)

Along with some other treasures (oops-haven't posted those photos yet), we have repurposed some wood beams for a little garden project. Just trying to find the right (level) spot. So what do you think it will be?

If you don't recognize it, this is the pumpkin patch space. You can see last year's remains of burlap bags & leaves covering the bed. Last Sept, the pumpkin patch looked like this. Maybe some day we'll have another 80+pounder like this guy.

FYI-the brown & white wood structure landed in the corner after being moved in early winter. It is a compost bin that was overtaken by a tree in its original place. There are boards that drop down across the open front. With the winter we've had, we haven't done anything with it yet, and I've not yet decided if it will stay there.

Hummingbird updates: Noticed a Rufous Hummingbird today. I bet she (photo on the right in the link) was wishing she was still back in Mexico for another month. This Birdweb page has more WA specific information on them (& other birds). We continue to see the Anna's Hummingbird, also.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

We've had some Rufous in our yard too now. They are so pretty when the sun hits them just right.
Have fun with your project!

Lindsay said...

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