Saturday, April 04, 2009

Geocaching Uncovered

Geocaching mascot, Signal, at the Pacific Science Center for the opening day of GPS Adventures.
See this link for more official information about the exhibit/maze now open through May 3rd.

Sure, the maze covers the important technology behind GPS and the roles it plays in our lives (i.e. not just driving instructions), but it is also about Geocaching!

Don't worry. You can find the Pacific Science Center on most maps, without relying on the coordinates.
This is an overview of the maze with past, present & future possible uses of GPS technology, overlaid with assorted elements of geocaching. Fortunately, there were some kids in there with us who could show us how to reset the doors so we could enter our codes. Otherwise, we might still be in there. Just missed the bundled up little boy, dodging water during the changing fountain routines.

Outside McCaw Hall. I love the trees in the background, but forgot to get a closer look when we returned this way. See the wet pavement? It is more than just the rain that day. It is a sheet of water that runs from the benches to the drain on the left side. The temptation to splash through some of the water is more tempting than most can resist. Plus, it has a nice running water sound to it.

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