Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Bloom Day & Creative Weather Writing

Yes! There are some open flowerettes on this tree, under the snow. I checked, though, and none of my prior years' March Bloom Day participants are blooming today, well, except the heather. See 2008, 2007

The camellia is usually one of the first bloomers and I don't find a bud even tempted to open. It must have known this weather was coming. I'll be watching it closely every day now for signs of hope. Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to find links to the other bloom day bloggers.

The garden today.

Weather forecast for the week:
Today: Windy, rain or snow showers
Tomorrow: Rain and snow showers
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, showers
Wednesday: (and here is the new twist on things) Rain at times!
Thursday: Morning showers, partly sunny
How to cope? There is enough likelihood of error that we can still hope for more sun breaks.


RainGardener said...

I don't know those weatherpeople are getting better all the time at hitting it right. Not to be discouraging I'm going through it too. But your buds look good. I wouldn't even go out in it to get a picture today.
But on a better note the hummingbirds have made it - not here but to a friends place so I'm hopeful!

Gail said...

It seems like you are getting more then your share of wintery mixes? Smart camellias! Gail

Nancy said...

Your garden has good "bones" it's going to be lovely when it gets warmer!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Wasn't this a crazy weather day? My camellias are still tightly closed as well. Not so sure I like the forecast.

Gardeness said...

I had to work and missed getting shots of another snow garden! The flakes were huge and fat, so that was new. I'll need to check my camellia for activity, too. You garden is so great any time of the year. I always love the perspective shot because it makes me want to sit on the bench and enjoy the view!

Karen said...

My new attitude - I will expect crappy weather until August, and if it stops sooner, I will be pleasantly surprised and actually get stuff done in the garden! How do you think I'll do with that? :) Our didn't really stick so much, but what a crazy day/week/month/season!?! Good for the camellias, they are smart to wait. Sooooo much is late this year. Looking forward to Saturday!

Matron said...

I'm so glad you've posted the week's weather forecast. Now I know which clothes to pack in my suitcase! Thank you.

Lindab said...

Looks like you've really had to hunt for blooms just now. Your post seems to suggest that it's a much harder winter this year? Bet you're looking forward to Wednesday's diverting weather!