Monday, March 16, 2009

Costa Rica #2 - Living Fences

This post is stepping back a day from Costa Rica #1. The first morning, we left San Jose and headed north. The beaches will come along later! It wasn't long before we saw coffee and fruit farms and then hillside farms and pastures.
We started noticing the trees growing in the fence lines along the road. Then we realized the trees where the fence posts! Were they intential or were they wood fence posts that sprouted due to the climate (as willow does at home)?
Planted, we decided, but often purposefully kept trimmed. The one above has other plants growing on it, too.

Flowers growing in the fence row.

It also wasn't long before we noticed the cows and their bird friends. Every cow would have a few to many bird friends. Apparently, the cattle egrets finds more to eat when their have cow friends to stir up the bugs. You know you almost waited too long for a vacation when cows and birds prove to be so entertaining! The tree in the center of the photo above is also a fence post.
More fence line flowers.

Above, this area had many fields where the fence posts had become tree rows.

Fertile soil and hillside farms.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

That looks really neat. Much nicer than a row of barbed wire. The flowers are really pretty.

Libby said...

Wow! 'live' fence posts, what a clever idea! I wonder if it would catch on here in the UK?? Love some of the colourful flowers!!

The Intercontinental Gardener said...

Fantastic! I would love to go there too - so many places & gardens, so little time...

Anonymous said...

Just got back from a 9 day tour of CR. the living trees were just one of sights that caught my eye. they were amazing. Our guide told us they were cut from a tree, stuck in the ground, and grew new limbs, which were then cut and placed in the fence row to make it stronger. the process was continual and perpetual unless let grow into new trees.