Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Foggy February

Must be that time of the year. Some days, it's fog. Some days, it's snow. Both offer a nice layer of quiet that I enjoy.

Now, the fog will always make me think of Jean's peaceful painting, Bunny in Winter Fog. Visit Jean at Pill Bug's Point of View and see how her garden and art intertwine. And, Jean, it was very nice to meet the person behind the paintings and blog at our gardener gathering!

We haven't seen our rabbits since the cold of December. I imagine some will find us again. Fortunately, they seem to be content with the greenery outside of the vegetable garden!


Karen said...

Isn't it so super cool to be able to think of the person when you read their blog? I love it! Maven and I have been commenting on each other's sites now - thanks for "introducing" me to her! She seems excited to come be an honorary SAGBUTTer(ee?)!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

The fog really is pretty isn't it? Although I do see sun today!

Gardeness said...

Did you get any snow with that fog? It looks so much better around your place. Here it just socks in cars. Well, there is Discovery, too!

Jean Bradbury said...

Thanks for commenting on my bunny painting. I am workiing on another foggy painting but it suddenly seems out of place in the crisp sunshine we had today. I am NOT complaining!