Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sweet Excursion

The annual gingerbread house display had a "super hero" theme this year. Gingerbread displays are created by Seattle's architecture firms and the Sheraton's culinary staff. Donations from the displays support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

This one has a lot going on, but in person, it made for a very creative display. As noted, it is all edible (although it has been sitting the hotel lobby for a month...). Here's your chance to eat an pre-algebra book!

The designers did not forget the drawers, either.

...and cheery little snowman from another display.


Libby said...

Amazing gingerbread although if it has been sat there for a month I may excuse myself from a piece if offered!! lol!!

Happy New Year to you

Aerie-el said...

That is impressive. Hope that a lot of dough/dollars(!) was/were raised.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Libby & Aerie-el,
Thanks for stopping by! It has been impressive enough to keep us going back almost every year. Some years more than others, but always interesting to see what they've managed to create. I do believe it is a significant fundraiser for the organization.