Friday, January 02, 2009

Garden Tours by GPS

Our traditional New Year's Day geocaching excursion took us to the end of the runways this year. The landings weren't bad, but one departing flight looked like it might trim some trees!

And also to a neighborhood botanical garden... with a frozen garden pond. Brrr!

...and with interesting growth on the log arbor. Above, the bottom of one log.

Above, the side of the log. It was quite overcast and I didn't have much luck capturing the growth all along both sides (didn't help that it was well above my head). Maybe I'll be back that way for another try.

As it my fingers get cold (& gloves lost) when I take off gloves to use the camera. I thought I'd try my favorite gardening gloves. They worked, but they didn't help for warmth! They were surprisingly cold. Finally, the best of both worlds. Fleece gloves over garden gloves for warm. Garden gloves only for photo attempts.
Happy New Year, Everyone!

1 comment:

Karen said...

I have those gloves too, only in green. You're right, they do not keep you warm at all! I like it, gloves for garden photography. Seems like a worthy niche!