Friday, January 16, 2009

Encouraging Sprouts

I lost track of remaining garlic bulbs last year. No worries - look what I found popping up through the "composting in place" layers!

I don't remember any blooms in the garden so I didn't even try to make the Bloom Day post, but it's nice to see something showing signs of spring. And are you noticing the additional daylight each day?

I thinned out the compost over the garlic and will let it grow. 'Course, that close together, I don't know if it will mature. Maybe I should try to thin each bunch?


gardenerprogress said...

I've never tried growing garlic. The green looks so refreshing in the midst of the wet leaves.
Hello from a fellow PNWer!

Karen said...

hey, that's pretty awesome! never grown garlic either but hope to make a bed for it someday since I know it needs to stay awhile. yes, all signs of spring are extremely welcome these days!!!

Nickie said...

You can eat them as garlic greens too....just saute them or stirfry, like garlic scapes!!! I grow a few inside usually whem bulbs start sprouting I put them in a little dirt and trim them every time I want garlic greens :) That clsoe together you won't get any bulbs off of them.

Libby said...

I lanted garlic, I know I have as the packet is empty. I just can't remember where????

Petunia's Gardener said...

My next venture with Garlic will be to grow the giant ones that are good for roasting. That is our treat at a favorite restaurant (along with bread, cheese & a salsa like spread). I love it.

on some warm day, I'll try to thin these out a little for some production this year. Nickie's use for the greens might do it! Thanks for visiting, everyone.

Molly said...

I found a bunch of unharvested garlic this winter as well. I divided it into individual plants and somehow, somewhere, found room for more garlic.