Sunday, December 21, 2008

On to the Inside Garden

This is the orchid DH sister gave us in Oct. 2005. Every year, about this time, it blooms (& for a long time). I've divided it once and now both pots need divided again. I always thought orchids where finicky but this one seems quite content! Maybe it is simply who it came from. See more of Sis' special gifts in earlier posts: the Moose, the Angel and the Potholders.

It sits in our magic kitchen window. That's my grandmother's pig shaped cutting board behind it. We have spent a lot of time at this window watching those hummingbirds during these frozen days.

...And just in case we never thaw, I'm growing my own coffee trees.


ChrisJ said...

Those orchids are beautiful! Your plants always look so healthy.

Matron said...

Perhaps the hummingbirds are attracted to the orchids! I am so envious of your coffee plant! I would just love to grow one!

Petunia's Gardener said...

My secret with plants is that I don't keep them around if they are too finicky! However, if they are not doing well somewhere else, I will give them a chance in the magic kitchen window. The coffee trees weren't doing well elsewhere, but they do like the kitchen (for now).