Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting Through the Freeze

This is one of the Anna's Hummingbirds we've been seeing this winter. We've seen both a male and a female, but it hard to tell if there are more than one of each. Anna's Hummingbirds remain in this area and along the USA west coast year around. I think this is the one that spent the night in the garage, earlier this week. This was the best shot I could get through the kitchen window. Even when just sitting, they keep something moving most of the time. You can see the white Christmas lights we put on our patio last year. We can see them though the kitchen window and they added a bright spot in the dark nights. Then we decided we like them there year-round!

Here is more information on my feeder of choice, shown above.

What a week! Our temps have stayed in the teens & twenties, much colder than our usual weather. Between starting off the week with a throat infection, and ending the week staying off of the roads due to the weather, the only place I've been in 7 days is to the dr. on Tuesday! One way to slow down the usual rush of activity before Christmas!

And there is supposed to be more weather coming, including high winds and continued low temps. Winds bring down trees and power lines in this area! This motivated us to do something about our wood burning fireplace that always seemed to create a lot of smoke in the house for some reason. There is evidence that previous owners had assorted issues with it also. We've studied it before to see what we might do about it, but just thought we'd replace the whole thing at some point, for several reasons. When it works just right, it does do a good job of warming up the space.

So, remembering that Libby had recently replace the fireproof rope on her stove, DH and I took a closer look at the rope on our fireplace doors. We also looked for any other possible smoke leaks. Looked like there was indeed an opportunity for rope improvement so DH headed out for rope and glue. What a difference it has made! It isn't the only issue with the fireplace, but it significantly improved the smoke situation. If the power goes out, we'll loose the benefit of the heat blower, but it would still be better than nothing.

Visit Libby's blog to see the wonderful Christmas cakes and other activities she has been doing! Inside & Out Thanks, Libby, for spreading the warmth!

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Libby said...

Bless you for mentioning me and my little blog!! Its amazing how a piece of rope can improve the heating so much. Just a shame they are so fiddly and dirty to replace.
I wonder how the humming birds don't freeze. Do you have to heat the feeders to stop them freezing??

A Very Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have lots of fun and festive spirit!lol!