Monday, November 03, 2008

Inside the Cloche

I found this pea plant blooming under the cloche! It was the only one that sprouted from seeds I planted this fall. I transplanted it under the cloche and forgot about it (I'm discouraged about the other seedlings I planted in there as the slugs seem to have eaten the broccoli and lettuce). I was surprised to find this blossom.

The calendula is also blooming in the cloche (but with a little mildew which came along with fall). The bright spot inside is noticeable from outside the cloche also.

I haven't really buttoned up the cloche for the winter and wanted to try a new way to access the inside. I have an idea so once we have another dry day, I'll post whether or not it works.

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Anonymous said...

Bet those flowers are a welcome burst of color! Keep posting about the peas - I'd be interested to know how they do this late in the year.