Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blossom II - The New & Improved Travel Bug

Blossom I was a sweet Geocaching Travel Bug I sent out to see the world two years ago. Unfortunately, the geocaching world proved too much for a butterfly, and she has been lost.

Meet Blossom II - a slug eating pterodactyl! May she have a long life on the garden tour.

Here is her link to watch her travels: Blossom II
Here is the original Blossom and information about Geocaching: Blossom I

While we had only a little rain during our outing yesterday, we did run in to some mud, by the Green River. DH tried jumping across the spot, but lost a shoe! But, then he pulled off a great yoga move and didn't get his sock muddy! Mud was a clue, though, so we knew we must be close.Came across this massive stump, now a nurse log to a replacement tree.
And finally, at the end of a rope, down a natural hole, we found the cache.

While I like to cache this time of year when the undergrowth is tamed down some, the massive maple leaves have buried everything. Hence the handy poking stick I mentioned in the last post.


Matron said...

That looks like fun! There is something very primal, very satisfying in hunting for treasure. That is a great nurse tree!

Libby said...

Mud, mud, glorious mud, theres nothing quite like it for cooling the blood!! lol!!! yuk!
Oh by the way I have had to move my blog, you will find me here now

tonka_boy said...

Good luck with that travel bug. We had one go missing from the very first cache that we dropped it in. It was right along side several other travelers in the cache. Very sad when they disappear.

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