Saturday, November 08, 2008

Apples & Pumpkins

DH did a nice job cleaning up the kitchen this afternoon. I took it as an open invitation to make a mess! He helped, too. First, an extra large apple crisp. Then cooked apples were run through the contraption, above, to make applesauce (we didn't peel them before cooking). Yes, we have an apple tree (remember?). I was surprised how good the applesauce tasted! Then the first of the pumpkins went in the oven.
Tomorrow, there will be honey-pumpkin butter, and pumpkin bread to make. Here is the link to the honey-pumpkin butter recipe from an earlier post.


Matron said...

I just love having a good kitchen session! Something very satisfying to make stuff in the kitchen, particularly if you can get someone else to do all the washing up afterwards!

clodhopper said...

I want some...NOW!



Libbys Blog said...

Ooooo yummy scrummy!

Anonymous said...

Pretty nifty! I have the same wooden paddle and the strainer, but no bowl underneath. Anxiously awaiting the recipe for your honey-pumpkin butter. :~)

Petunia's Gardener said...

Finally, I made the bread and the butter! Now enjoying the results.

Paula - I have now added the link to the pumpkin butter. It is below the pumpkin photo. You'll probably have lots of them next year! - PG