Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fall Seedlings

I started some broccoli, lettuce and chard to see if we might eat into the fall. Unfortunately for the broccoli, the days may become too short to make it to harvest. This one is happily growing under the window frame cloche, along with lettuce and chard (which, of course, we can eat quite young).
So, as an experiment, some seedlings are out in the open, some are under the window cloche and some under the partially covered cloche (only partially covered to prevent scorching on the beautiful fall days like today). In spite of my coffee ground distraction method, the slugs have found several of the broccoli seedlings.


Matron said...

Brassicas are so vulnerable at that stage, aren't they? That is a wonderful photo!

Anonymous said...

Nice touch with the water droplets. Looking forward to reading about the results of your scientif research. :)

Petunia's Gardener said...

That broccoli, lettuce and chard under the window frams are doing very well! The out in the open and in the larger cloche are being eaten by slugs.