Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunflowers & Pumpkins

Spiky sunflower on a stormy day, though this photo didn't capture much of the dark sky rolling in. The green beans have reached the top of the climber (in the background). We had the first tasty harvest for dinner last night. I vow to keep them picked this year (although planting only half as many as last year many help).
And the pumpkins have grown since the Aug. 4th post. There are four plants here, though it looks like two.


Matron said...

I remember visiting your pumpkin mounds last year! I've just posted some pictures of mine. Did you have any success with the Ildi tomatoes? or did your cats nibble the seedlings!!

Libbys Blog said...

Your sunflowers have done really well. Ours have been hopeless this year!!!

easygardener said...

My pumpkins are doing well this year - though there is a limit as to how many pumpkins I really need. I also suspect that one variety is not the same as stated on the seed packet which is rather annoying.
I do like the sunflower - looks quite wind blown!

Nathan's Garden said...

The sunflower photo is stunning. I gonna be growing them next year after seeing this one.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Matron, Lots of green Ildi tomatoes and finally a few ripe ones. I like them!
Libby, not one I planted survived. These are all volunteers!
Easygardener - I cooked pumpkin and froze in 2 cup amounts. That was because I had large pumpkins last year so too much at once. Nathan, if you can give them some space, they are fun. Now, the birds are starting to eat the seeds direct. I like that in the garden too.
THanks for visiting!