Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quick! Before They're Gone

The Sungold tomatoes are especially good this year. This summer, we'll take the sun wherever we can get it.
Above, the Ildi are being harvested now. If the rest of the green ones make it to yellow, we have plenty more to eat. Thanks, Matron!
This tomato came from our Port Orchard Farmer's market outing (& geocaching flash mob experience). They are firm, mid-size tomatoes. I cannot remember which variety. At first, before they turned red, I thought they were mutant sungolds and was quite puzzled. Eventually, I had a fuzzy memory of buying a seedling somewhere!


Matron said...

Glad you are enjoying your tomatoes! I have tried different varieties this year, some disappointing. I will go back to Gardeners Delight and Ildi next year for sure.

clodhopper said...

The sun is such a rare sight here this August that people are beginning to wonder what the yellow thing in the sky is when it occasionally peeks out from behind yet another rain cloud....doh!

Libbys Blog said...

I totally agree with you, Sungold are the best!!!

Patsi said... love them!!
Enjoying your blog.
Come by and visit New Jersey.