Sunday, June 08, 2008


Here are the tomatoes planted about the 3rd weekend in May, on their "plant out" day. We are running a full 10 degrees below normal highs, so they are still tucked in their window frame cloches even now. I don't have a photo from today, but they have grown and one has a blossom. It is supposed to be warmer next weekend, although I doubt we'll see much sun until after July 4th.
Pumpkin seeds I planted in the garage haven't sprouted yet. I do so enjoy the pumpkin patch, but it isn't looking promising! Some of the beans planted last weekend have sprouted. I need to go anti-slug them tonight as they look very tender and tasty.

Now I'm running out of photos from the days prior to the computer's self-inflicted permanent retirement, plus I left my camera's battery charger in Arizona. Haven't had time to solve either of those issues. I think a little sunshine would motivate me to action on both parts. Until then, it is just gray sky, and green everything else (from all the rain).


Sylvana said...

That is quite an elaborate set up!

Libbys Blog said...

Sunshine helps provided it doesn't give too much heat!!!
Pain when you mislay a charger of any sort!!

Molly said...

I bit the bullet and planted my tomatoes and peppers out yesterday. I put plastic jugs over the peppers, and gallon jugs filled with water between the tomato plants and covered the entire bed with poly row cover. Just to be on the safe side I'm keeping a few tomatoes and peppers inside the greenhouse. I'm going to start beans, squash, and cucumbers in pots in the basement under lights tonight. All the seeds I planted a few weeks ago rotted in the ground (or the mice ate them). I'm glad I planted lots of cabbage this year.