Friday, May 23, 2008

Just a note

Tomato seedlings were planted out May 18th. Some were quite small, but I was ready to move them out of the garage. While that weekend was warm, I knew it wouldn't last so I have put my A-frame window cloches over them. Photos will be along when I return to the computer where the photos are sitting.

In the bed I posted about May 5th, the beet and lettuce seedlings are sprouting. The carrot section was disturbed by Emily & other feet, but I did find a few sprouted seedlings.

The covered wagon cloche is a jungle and has blooming calendula, borage and chives. The chard and lettuce plants are bolting, but now I'm harvesting lettuce & chard from non-cloched patches. Time to decide what I'll use that cloched spot for next. Maybe start some zucchini, cucumbers or squash and use the cloche to provide some warmth?

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Matron said...

I remember seeing your covered wagon cloche, that must be the place to be if you are a plant this time of year! I have some large clear plastic water barrels (the type used in office dispensers) and using them as cloches over my squashes... I'm a poet and I don't know it !!