Saturday, May 03, 2008

GPS Excursions

Last Sunday, we made it out for a walk and a little geocaching. In the photo, above right side, you can see some new leaves just sprouting (finally). The biting critters where just sprouting too. I've been in agony since later Sunday when the bites around my ankles starting welting up. Mosquitoes, I guess. The first bites of the season are always the worst.One of the found caches! As a small cache, there isn't room for more than the log book and a few trinkets. Appropriate to have a bug in there.
And a bracket or pore fungi... may be called Artist's Fungus. It was more distinct in person, I think.


Bonnie Story said...

Hello to Petunia, and to you too! My husband found a whole nest of Petunias in a rocky area here, wow. It's so nice to see another nearby blog. Another native plant that has worked out great here, besides my darling Serviceberry, is the "Beach Strawberry" groundgover. It's non-fruit-bearing but that's cool, it's glossy green leaves are the big payoff. I have had some in the ground for just about 6 weeks and already it's beginning to send out runners, I love it. I'm finding that anywhere the dirt is bare, these awful spiky cabbage-like weeds move in and they are awful. So I'm really getting into the different groundcovers. Today I was supposed to be out weeding but alas, look at the rain!! It's a wet one. Well thanks for the nice comment and see you around the garden! Bonnie PS: Have you seen It's fun.

clodhopper said...

I tried geocaching once but ended up going round in circles all afternoon.....hey ho.

Matron said...

I've had my first bites of the year too! My ankles were itching all night!

Sylvana said...

I love pictures of paths. This picture reminds me of Scotland. Very beautiful.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Bonnie, Yes, Saturday was a miss, but did you have some of the beautiful weather Sunday?

Clodhopper - DH just learned the geocaching term for those circles..."dance of the drunken bumblebee." We'd done a lot of that.

Matron, I hope yours didn't last long. I tried all sort of concoctions to get them to stop itching. Think I made it through this weekend free & clear of more though.

Sylvana - that was a day very much like some June days I spent in Scotland. As we say, all that rain keeps things green.