Monday, May 05, 2008

Finally, a day of spring!

After a disappointing Saturday, weather wise, a beautiful spring day popped up on Sunday. And this little pansy also caught my attention. It has popped up in one of the little succulent pots that sit on the fence in the garden. I cannot imagine how a pansy ended up in this spot!
So what did I do with some sun? Turned over the winter mulch in one of the beds and removed more rocks. Then planted carrots, beets and another planting of lettuce and chard. A few spots of marigolds also. The full green bed, above, has assorted perennial flowers. The columbine is almost blooming. The rhubarb is in the right end of the bed. I've finally joined the others of you who have been harvesting it. Made a rhubarb & berry crumble on Sunday night.
I wasn't going to plant the whole bed, but I did, figuring that I could use any nonsprouted parts for succession planning. You can see by the damp places above, that I planted a row down each side of the bed and a double row in the middle. I've tended to plant across the bed in the past, but that didn't work so well when I had to put in the soaker hoses last year.

As watering usually moves around the seeds and the soil, I made a little planting trench for each row, watered it, and placed the seeds. Then, I covered them with soil. It will rain before long and give it another dose. However, tonight, I noticed footprints through the nice, level bed. I'm sure that disturbed some seeds too.

Eventually, I'll place a soaker hose in the bed down the alley on one side of the double rows and back on the other side of the double rows. If anything sprouts, that is.


easygardener said...

Whenever I plant seeds or level off a patch of soil there are usually footprints of one sort or another next day.
It acts like a magnet - just like we can't resist a fresh blanket of snow I suppose.

Libbys Blog said...

Its so lovely getting out and getting your hands dirty in the garden! I love it!!!