Monday, May 12, 2008

...And a day in the farmer's market

Part II of Saturday's excursion:
My tomato seedlings are slowly coming along. The ildi seedlings are doing the best. It has just not been the spring for tomatoes. I added a nice tomato seedling from the Port Orchard farmers market. Here it is in my "basket" for the day. It was a cloudy day, but not unusual for a northwest spring.
Below, are just some of the booths. With this cool spring, there wasn't very many vegetable booths, but there were a good number of plant booths. All sorts of other things too. Notice the bakery booth on the left side of the photo. They were using a dresser drawers and top for display, and a few other interesting old furniture pieces too.
Found this watering can at a shop as we walked around town. As you saw in the first picture, it came in handy to carry things too.
Back in the home garden, I just noticed that some of the beet seeds and lettuce seeds planted last weekend have sprouted. The carrot bed, on the other hand, has been disturbed by assorted feetsies several times. Just have to wait and see where I get sprouts.


Matron said...

Glad your Ildi seedlings are doing OK. I just love farmers' markets, such a great place to shop! I love your watering can, I bought a couple like that they are so useful.

Libbys Blog said...

We have farmers markets here but sadly they tend to sell just home grown produce, veg, meat etc, not alot of plants. You have to watch out for the little and hardly advertised 'Plant Sales' or my favourite, the little sign outside someones house saying 'Plants for Sale'!!!

clodhopper said...

Ooooh....I want a watering can like that *stamp*