Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's opening day...

...of sunflower season!

My tomato seedlings are not growing much indoors (not enough light) nor in the garage (too cold), carrots are not planted, beets still to be seeded, fennel seedlings are past due for planting, slugs keep finding the broccoli. It doesn't matter now. There will be sunflowers!The first volunteer sunflower seedlings to appear are the red sunflowers. I can tell by the red stalks and tinted edges on the leaves. Like red/purple peas and lettuce, they don't seem to mind the cool weather. I think that is a baby borage above the sunflower.

And once the first one appears, the others quickly sprout too. Is it the soil or air temps? Is it the amount of daylight? Now I need to determine what sprouting sunflowers signal, and which other plants will be content living in the garden at this time.

Click on the "Sunflowers" label, below, to have a summertime refresher.


Libbys Blog said...

But sunflowers are such cheerful flowers, I don't think any garden should ever be with out them, even my garden full of jungle plants!!!

alec said...

in my allotment, there are a plethora of volunteer sunflowers! i am in shock! I also discovered a pumpkin in the grass! good luck with the injuries that are befalling your other diminutive seedlings.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Libby, That's right! And a fine photo you have there of a red beauty. Alec - Those volunteer sunflowers are the happiest in the garden. They like picking their own spot. I can't wait to see yours in bloom. - Paula

Greg W said...

You have all started sunflowers already!

I need to get cracking.

I agree with Libby, Sunflowers should be in every garden. And there are so many varieties, colors and sizes too.

Thanks for kicking me in the butt to start planting.

Petunia's Gardener said...

These are my favorite sunflowers - volunteers! I haven't planted any yet. Since the volunteers are appearing (though I'm seeing mostly the red type sunflower seedling so far), it may mean it is a good time to plan others. Maybe i'll try a few today and see how long before they sprout.