Saturday, April 12, 2008

Garden Hat

I've not been a good hat or glove wearer, but that may be changing. Last year, I found some wonderful gloves that I can wear to do just about anything. I now have several pair stashed around. Really does cut down on the blisters and banged up hands. In this post, here, they are in the basket; however, I do have them on most of the time.

And due to the sunny weather today, I tried out my new garden hat. It was a find on our spring excursion to some local garden shops. I've known I should find a hat to keep the sun off my ears and neck. Never before have I found one I thought I'd actually wear.

This one has a little elastic inside that helps it fit, and a brim that isn't too floppy or too stiff. No promises yet, but we'll see how it goes this summer.

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