Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cloche Micro Climate

It may be a cold spring, but in the cloche, it's another world. The borage is blooming. It will be a long time before we see blooming borage in the world outside the cloche. Chard, Borage, Chives, Lettuce & Parsley inside the cloche, above.
Cloched chives, soon to be blooming. These treats are especially appreciated this year, as spring is off to such a cold start, and so is my garden activities.

Yesterday, I did transplant the fennel seedlings in the garden and planted some pea seeds to add to the seedlings started in doors and transplanted some weeks ago. The broccoli seedlings in the garden are ok, but some have become slug food (especially the ones I planted in the cloche).

I do need to plant beets and carrot seeds... but today we also had to fit in a nice walk and geocaching since the weather was right!


alec said...

borage! beautiful! i want to grow it! is it by any means difficult?

Libbys Blog said...

I think the start of the veg growing season is so much fun!!! Its all so slow then suddnely whoosh your surrounded with weeds!!! lol!!!

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful blue flowers! My family in Boise are growing their veggies. They are off to a good start. Tomato planting will be next.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty borage! It give courage!