Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Spring Excursion

How to get geared up for spring when there have just been too many other distractions lately? Go visit new (to me) nurseries and maybe a geocache and/or charity shop along the way! I was really just out to see if I could round out the seed supply without the need to be tempted by the whole catalog selection.

One nice little spot I'll visit again later in the year is Thunder Mountain Farm. While too early for the plant selection and to see the garden spaces in spring glory, we did find several items on our seed list here. They carry Territorial Seed & Seeds of Change selections (plus another type I don't remember).
Driving off our usual beaten path, we came across a charity/second hand shop, I've heard about from others but hadn't visited before. I've had my eye out for a seed storage replacement for my old box. I always start out the year with it quite organized, but after it moves out to the barn/garden shed with me in the summer, it becomes a dusty shamble of a system. I was watching for something with a lid and maybe dividers. (yes, I'm an office supply junkie, but don't assume that keeps me organized.)

Second hand technology has finally caught up with garden needs as these two boxes, above, are made for 4 inch diskettes AND CDs. That means they are tall enough for seed packets. They also have little flipping dividers (movable for flexibility!) that keep the packets from sliding down under one another or side to side.

So, one for vegetables and a smaller one for flowers and herbs. Starting tomorrow, I'll be posting my notes about the 2008 growing plan, specific vegetables and questions.

No geocaching photos from the day, but I think I have a replacement for my long lost travel bug, Petunia the butterfly. She just didn't last long out there in the damp, dark geocaches. I think the replacement might be more up for the challenge...


Connie said...

Great seed boxes! Thanks for the tip....I love thrifting. :-)

Allotment Lady said...

Wow I wish I was on that trip with you - envy your seed storage.

Matron said...

Brilliant! that puts my old biscuit tins to shame!

carletongardener said...

So neat and organized! Great.