Monday, March 24, 2008

March Garden

Saturday had very pleasant weather, so in between watching herds of spiders, we trimmed the flower stalks we had left in place all winter. Here is a link to the garden in January. Click on the Garden Photo label for prior months. With the trimming, the garden looks very one level now. It will change.

I found sprouts of rudbeckia/black-eyed Susan, columbine, rhubarb, iris, lots of herbs and anise hyssop. With all of the seeds it produces, I assumed hyssop was a self-seeder annual like borage. Instead, it is clearly a perennial and it's now sending up sprouting. Garlic and onions left in the garden in the fall are growing.
I planted some of the winter sown broccoli under the cloche, and set the container with the rest of the seedlings under it also. I see a slug has found one of the planted seedling already.
The larger lettuce plants also went in the ground under the cloche.


Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Our anise hysop is coming back too. And we saw the Anna's hummingbirds back yesterday for the first time. What is that redish tinged lettuce you've put out under the cloche? We did ours from seed but I saw something at the nursery and bought it just based on its name. It's a lettuc called "oreilles du diable" and has a leaf shape and color like the one in your recent post. Will you post a picture of Petunia when she returns?

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

Wow - you're way ahead of me!

Connie said...

Your garden looks neat and tidy and your plants look healthy.
Spring is taking it's sweet time this year....cooler than normal temps all month. Can't wait for some warm sunshine!

Petunia's Gardener said...

As you can see from a recent post, we've had some cooler weather than we expected too. These seedlings survived under the cloche, but I did think the lettuce leaves look chilled. Frankie, you'll soon be bypassing anything I have growning already! That greenhouse is fantastic.

WWW-hummingbird already? We had one last March that spent the night in our barn and was gone the next day (perhaps it was an Annas on the way to Seattle). The lettuce is from a mix so it has been hard to know exactly what it is. This year, I have added some specific varieties so I can keep track of which I like. You can see the names included in the mix on my 2008 veggie list on the sidebar. There are a few photos of Petunia on the blog, but she is rather camera shy. I often can photograhy only part of her.