Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2008 Vegetables & Friends

I've just been struggling to keep up this spring. Not for a lack of interest in the garden or blog, but it's just how it is. This blog started 2 years ago, and it has been the longest running garden journal I've kept (as I say, I cannot lose the computer)! To see the start of the blog and garden, see March 2006 archive posts. Really like that post with the 2005 garden photo. It has changed a little!

Here is the list of vegetables and other plants I will be growing this year. Many are seeds remaining from prior years. A few flowers and herbs are listed, but most herbs already in the garden are not on this list.

~Alyssum, Wonderland Mulberry Mix - around the lavender and DH bench.
~Anise Hyssop - added in 2007, I suspect is has self seeded. Bees loved it.
~Bachelors buttons-self seeded
~Basil-doesn't like our summers, but I will try to find a warm spot, sown indoors 3/16/08.
~Beans, bush-Romano Gold
~Beans, French/Filet-Cupidon, organic
~Beans, pole-Helda,Romano type
~Beans, pole-Violet Podded Stringless
~Beans, runner-Scarlet Emperor
~Beet-Kestrel, direct sown 5/4/08
~Borage-self seeded
~Broccoli-Hybrid Blend w/Southern Comet, Everest, Small Miracle and Packman, winter sown early March.
~Brussels Sprouts-Bubbles - 2007 not much luck. To plant earlier in 2008.
~Carrots-Jeanette F1 Hybrid Organic, from neighbor, direct sown 5/4/08
~Carrots-Mokum, good to harvest from baby size to larger sizes. direct sown 5/4/08
~Coreopsis-Tinctoria Mixture
~Cosmos-Unique Mix, Picotee
~Cucumbers-Lemon, 2007 was so-so, but will try again.
~Cucumbers-Marketmore 97
~Echinacea-Purple (in the garden already)
~Fennel-Perfection, organic, sown indoors 3/16/08, planted out 4/27/08
~Four O'Clocks-Tea Time Mix, 2007 started too late. Try again.
~Garlic-California Garlic, sprouting from 2007 bulbs left in the ground.
~Garlic-Elephant Garlic, pl
~Ipomoea Alba - Moonflower, seeds from my neighbor
~Lettuce, Butterhead-Speckles, organic, direct sown 5/4/08
~Lettuce, Romaine-Crisp Mint, organic, added to winter sown 3/16/08, direct sown 5/4/08
~Lettuce-a little left over London Springs Mix: Red Sails, Flashy Trout's Back, Outredgeous, Hyper Red Rumple, Capistrano, winter sown early March
~Marigolds-Mr. Majestic & other self seeded
~Nasturtiums-Tip Top Alaska, grew nicely in 2007,
~Nicotiana-Only the Lonely self seeded?
~Onion, Evergreen White Bunching, sown indoors 3/16/08
~Onion, bulbs-some bulbs hid last year and now are sprouting.
~Oriental Poppy-Papaver orientale "Karine"
~Poppy, yellow-from Sis, sown indoors 3/16/08
~Parsley -already in the garden, self seeding
~Peas, snap-Sugar Snap, sown indoors 3/16/08, direct sown 4/27/08
~Peas, snow-Oregon Sugar Pod II, sown indoors 3/16/08, direct sown 4/27/08
~Pumpkins-Rouge vif d'Etamps Heirloom
~Pumpkins-Small Sugar, organic
~Pumpkins-Holland's Land O Giants, from neighbor
~Radish-Assorted Mix, DH selected these, direct sown in April and 5/4/08
~Rhubarb-From friend in 2006, harvested 5/4/08
~Rudbeckia Hirta-Black-eyed Susan (in the garden already)
~Squash, winter-Delicata
~Squash, summer-Scallop Bush Mix (aka Pattypan)
~Squash, zucchini-Romulus PM
~Sunflower-Infrared mix, 4/27/08-volunteers sprouting
~Sunflower-Italian White, sown 5/4/08
~Sunflower-Sorya, sown 5/4/08
~Sunflower-Sunseed, with others sown 5/4/08
~Sweet Peas-Garden Orchids, perennial sweet peas (neighbor sprouting for me), seedlings 5/1/08
~Sweet Peas-Jewels of Albion, antique sweet peas (neighbor..., also)
~Swiss chard-Bright Lights, winter sown early March, direct sown 5/4/08
~Tomatoes-a grape variety tbd
~Tomatoes-Sungold (seeds), sown indoors 3/16/08
~Tomatoes-other tbd


carletongardener said...

A great list. I'll try to remember the anise hyssop fro my garden. I've like to attract bees. I'm trying mokum carrots this year for the first time as they are very early. I'm looking through seed packages myself this evening. Very fun.

Matron said...

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? I'm coming up to two years in May. I've made so many contacts.. and even met a couple! xx

Anonymous said...

I was searching the web for information on how to make a cloche for my garden and came across your web site. I really like what you came up with and have a few questions if you don't mind.
1. I am curiuos how you fastened the "spine" piece of wood across the top of your hoops.
2. The "saddles" you used as clips look like the perfect solution. Are those found at regular hardware stores with the pvc piping and fittings?
3. How does your cloche hold up in the wind? Have you had a chance to find out yet? We live in Central Oregon and it is windy here all the time.
Thanks so much for you blog, I really enjoyed learning about your cloche adventures.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Sorry I missed your questions until now. I hope you clicked on the "cloche" label and have seen the assorted postings on it.
1. We used zip ties to fasten the spine wood across the hoops. We were using to use screws, but we do plan to take it down if it ever warms up. We had the zip ties so just used them.
2. We did find the saddles in with the other pvc fittings. We found them at Home depot. I happened to be at a different HD one day, and they didn't have any at all. Have you found them yet?
3. The saddles popped off in the worst of the wind storms, but otherwise they have stayed on. The clips that I use on the side I open pop off in a bit of wind. I haven't found the best way to close the ends. I've been using the clips. The ends blow open the most. I hope to find a better way to close the ends in the fall.
Please do let me know how yours turns out!