Monday, February 11, 2008

Lichen to Fungi (Winter in the Pacific NW)

I spotted this nice, young, possible Chocolate Lenzites growing on a whiskey barrel by the patio. Then forgot to photograph it until tonight. So here it is in camera flash light. It doesn't look quite the same as the text book example of a Chocolate Lenzites I found in Nov., also near my patio, here. I just don't find anything else it looks like in my 2nd hand Reader's Digest North American Wildlife book. The November fungus is still around too, but it has lost its pretty light band around the edges. If it isn't C.L., do you know what it is? I'll look at it more carefully in the daylight next weekend.

Oh, but the other fungi to search for! I still like the wee gray/green lichen (click on the label below to see more), but with names like Earthstar, Birds Nest and Dead Man's Fingers, I have some fungi hunting to do. I now know the wierd stuff I've found while hiking is probably Witches' Butter (orange-yellow fungus with brainlike shape) because Fairy Butter stays back east.


Matron said...

What fun! I just love finding stuff in the woods when I'm out walking the dog. I just love those beefsteak fungi that grow out horizontally on tree trunks! Fantastic picture!

Curtis said...

What interesting fungi. Looks kind of like two bowls are stacked on top of each other.