Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome, Fresh New Year

Well, no, this isn't a resolution to keep my desk clean. It does look like a fresh new start, though, doesn't it?

This is my new, old Post Office desk I posted about here, on Dec. 1st! I finally washed it, shuffled out the temporary table we had in the room, and brought in this one. This room also has an office desk of about the same age and color. The office desk is rather consumed by all things electronic, so, the Post Office desk will be handy for other projects. Garden planning too, as many books and catalogs end up on the shelves behind the desk.
Above, you can see the underside of the desk. It says "Property of the Post Office Department Mfg. by Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. New Britain Conn. 1946." I had thought that it could be the zip code of 01946 since I've seen the 0 dropped sometimes. Apparently, it was made in 1946. Connecticut zips seem to start with 06.
You can see "we" didn't waste any time moving in. This wooden chair goes with the other desk I mentioned, above. However, for computing comfort we have a different chair we prefer. This one works just fine for the Post Office desk.

And for those New Year Resolutions? I prefer a more goal oriented approach. See Carol's guidelines for garden goals (or otherwise) using P.L.A.N.T.S. as a handy reminder.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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