Sunday, January 06, 2008

January Pumpkins

I see this outside my window and smile. As sad as I am that I didn't get some of the pumpkins cooked before they turned squishy, I don't mind them decorating the pasture either.

This isn't the pasture with the garden, but I'm starting to think it would make another good pumpkin patch. I am glad that the pumpkins I cooked did produce a lot and I still have some in the freezer just waiting for pie time. There are also a few still in the garage. I will try to cook them this week.

After I took this photo, it started snowing again and we took off to do a little geocaching in the snow. It stopped, but we still had a nice outing. DH gave me hand warmers to slip inside my gloves. Now they are in the toes of my house slippers!

Now back to what I was working on this time last year. See here. Finally, we've made more progress and are now starting to discuss distribution plans. This is what happens when we had to clean up the office up to get in the new desk. It is much more pleasant working on projects in here now. So if you are reading this, family, hold us to it.


Matron said...

Ahh yes! happy memories.

Anonymous said...

decorating the pasture ! that is a nice thought and a pretty picture.