Sunday, January 13, 2008

Headline: Neighbors Share Gold!

Thanks to our Homesteading neighbors, our pumpkin patch has become a little richer. Used goat straw (see the cute girls here)! For two garden years, my mulch of choice was used sheep straw (see the sheep here). We've had a whole year without them so I was happy to have the goat straw today.
The pumpkin patch only had burlap green coffee bags over it to keep down the weeds. So, I flipped the coffee bags over onto the grassy pathway (hard to mow, anyway) and spread the straw on the pumpkin patch. Later, I may add more coffee bags over the straw to help it break down and to discourage weeds. Thanks, Neighbors! Just what we needed!

Yes, a beautiful January day and a needed mid-winter Garden Tend. I'll post a sunny garden overview photo in a few days.


Gledwood said...

the stuff in that wheelbarrow looks a bit like my hair 1st thing in the morning...

Connie said...

Such great soil building mulch! You are blessed to have such neighbors.