Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Hey, those phone boxes pop up everywhere! This travel bug has traveled 9,707 miles and stopped in 34 caches. And now it has had its photo taken with a grand collection of pyxie cup lichen. This was on the top of a pole above my head. I had to just hold the camera up and shoot. More about geocaching here. Or click on the "geocaching tours" label for other outings.
Above... In the northwest, anything is a potential host for lichen and blackberries.
While I hate to see this non indigenous resident in the woods, I suspect it has been there a while. We didn't notice this VW during our walk in the summer, probably because of the blackberries. It does instantly attract geocachers. (but ask DH who actually found the hidden box!) Reminds me of our Carhenge and Car Art Reserve vacation find. I do have more Car Art photos to post, some day.


Molly said...

The car body reminded me of an old truck that's parked in a wooded area on the main Microsoft campus. It was left from the time that property was a chicken farm. There are trees growing up through the cab and windshield now. As we've cleared out our woods we've found a lot of non-indigenous residents, but so far, no car bodies.

Matron said...

Ahh.. that phone box looks strangely familiar!

RUTH said...

I love the photo with the phone box in your mini-world. It makes me so angry when I walk in the countryside to see so much dumping! I've not come across a car yet but plenty of beds, armchairs, bikes and pushchairs.

Petunia's Gardener said...

My hope is just to never find a human body out there!